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Tales of Title Screens

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IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN!! hi guys, so i am in very, very desperate need of money again, and i need your help!! i’ll spare you the tl;dr this time, so let’s do it!


  • Simple Sketch - $10 (+$2 for each additional head)
  • Sketch + Shading - $12 (+$2 for each additional head)
  • Full Coloring (flat) - $17 (+$2 for each additional head)
  • Cell Shading $23 (+$5 for each additional head)
  • CG - $30 (+$5 for each additional head)
  • Full CG - $40 (+$10 for each additional head)

Things I Can’t draw

  1. Porn - I don’t have the skill (or balls) for it. Simple nudity can be discussed though, and I’ll more than likely say yes! Just let me know.
  2. Animals/Furries - Animals have always been a weak spot for me, anthro or not, and I don’t want people to have to pay for something I’m not confident in ;__; However this is flexible, and can be discussed!
  3. Extremely gorey stuff - I LOVE it, it’s just beyond my ability, sadly. However, I’m perfectly fine with bloody stuff/mild injuries, just talk to me about it!

Things I can draw

  1. Literally everything else, YAY!!!!!! 

If you are interested, please EMAIL me at ra.bu.rii(at)hotmail.com! I don’t want to rely on tumblr, because y’all know how tumblr is. It eats messages ALL the time, and we don’t want that. But I do check my email literally every two seconds /o/

When emailing, please add “Commission Request for (your tumblr username)” in the subject line, so I’ll know what I’m looking at, and add all the details you want in the message.The more info the better, so I can get down what you want accurately!

Payment is through Paypal only, at the same email address: ra.bu.rii(at)hotmail.com! Also, after we’re done discussing details through email, payment must be made up front before I start working _:(´□`」 ∠):_ yes, yes, I know. But due to multiple bad experiences in the past a girl’s gotta watch herself when there are thieves about.

What I can do though, is that when I do start working, I will email you W.I.Ps of your commission periodically to ask for your input make sure they come out how YOU want them to, because no one wants to pay for something they end up not liking in the end. I am working for you after all, and I want the best for you. (❁´‿`❁)

I take 5 requests at a time, but please feel free to email me anyway and I will add you to my next round (and I work very fast— if my slots are full expect you to come next within like, 3 days tops)! I will update my post constantly, so please check periodically!

  1. FREE
  2. FREE
  3. FREE
  4. FREE
  5. FREE

And, if it comes that you’re not interested, I would seriously honestly appreciate it a whole bunch if you signal boost me instead. Help a gal out ;o;

Thank you so much, I love u all and seriously appreciate it! <33

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Killuallus and Killuas

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ツイッターの落書きまとめ | 菊月
※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.

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Kurama Yama // Kenji Gin
Hiei Yama // Oblivious

MUAH: Oblivious
With the help of Hams, Alice and Giovani :D!

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vive la révolution nya

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The Balance of Power
~The Three Kings of the Demon World~ (R.I.P Raizen)

It’s always amazing to me that one person created so many fascinatingly badass characters with unique and kickass character designs. Plus they’re all badass in different ways and don’t detract from each others’ badassness either, nor do they tire (bore) you out with constant unrelenting badassness because they each have distinct backstories and quirks that make them that much more … I guess in this case I can’t say “human”, so relatable.

I don’t know about you, but in my head, I picture Mukuro and Yusuke perpetually trolling Yomi … “Sure you can rule all three worlds … lololono” /adds to list of future things to draw

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